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​Soulful leadership courses are about finding and taking upon you your inner authority in life so that you can bring it to the benefit of others. The courses help you become aware of what your inner authority looks like and how you can develop it further. The courses assist you in taking responsibility for finding and pursuing your leadership path.​

​Essential Course

The essential course is recommended for individual leaders or small leadership teams. The essential course gives the overall perspectives on and training in how to be a soulful leader. This course has the advantage of cross-corporate networking and affordability.

Course location is at the ranger school in Arancón and accommodation is shared in “casas rurales” – cosy houses in the pueblos nearby, where you can prepare your own meals. All houses have an open fireplace and some have shared bathrooms.

Often we eat the “menu del dia” (todays menu) for lunch and/or dinner together at the local restaurants. Prices are fair and sizes are generous.​

Specific Course

The specific course facilitates leadership development and team building focusing directly on your management team’s specific needs and wishes. Some preparatory work by Aletha with the management team is to be expected. This could be personality profile analysis and feedback, observations through management team meetings / days, individual consulting, coaching sessions etc.

Refer to Ranger Soul courses for inspiration on course content. The choice of location (Soria or Andalusia) depends on your ranger activity aspirations, nature, wildlife and accommodation preferences.​

Exclusive Course

You can also request to have a course specifically made for you, if you are a group of friends or family members in life situations that give opportunity for developing soulful leadership.​


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