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​To be a Ranger Soul means that you have an instinctive calling for connecting with and protecting nature, using your own soulful nature and personal resources to contribute to something larger than yourself. Ranger Soul courses train you to connect spiritually with nature, your own and wildlife’s, performing concrete tasks, applying specific skills, that we teach you. We bring the learning process into nature by teaching you ranger routines. There is a mix of individual and group tasks, all designed to explore yourself personally, spiritually and physically.

Once you start developing your Ranger Soul you gain access to resources within yourself that may have been subconscious or dormant till now. It is a journey, however short or long you chose it to be, which may change your perspectives on yourself and on life.


Being a Ranger Soul is not contingent on profession, education, age or gender. Whether you are a hunter, musician, policeman or teacher for example, does not matter. What matters is if you connect with your own deeper self, when being in nature, and you wish to use this resourcefulness.

Only you know if you have a Ranger Soul and an urge to explore it further. Follow your instinct, but don’t go on a whim. You must be in balance with yourself, as the training will push you out of your usual comfort zone on many different aspects physically, mentally as well as spiritually.


The course content varies according to nature’s cycle throughout the year. There are standard courses and we tailor make courses for leadership teams and hunting groups, if you are more than 6 persons.


The courses contain tuition on and practical exercises within a constellation of the following areas of expertise:

Terrain and map knowledge

4x4 drive in nature

Shooting practise

Ranger routines


Poacher detection and handling

Self defence


Wildlife management

Bow hunting

Game management


Energy in nature

Spiritual practise

Soulful leadership


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